Fall Tamaracks

Image taken on a windy rainy morning in a local bog evironmental sensitive area now surround by the city. Higher ISO used to try reduce motion blur of the trees. Some minor post processing for white balance, contrast and noise reduction.

Are tamaracks the same as larches? I could look it up I suppose…but this gives me reason to write! I love the color palette in this, are the little white puffs cottongrass? They add a nice pattern to the meadow floor.

Thanks for the nice comments. I did like how the white puffs of cotton grass added to the foreground of the image. Yes these are larch or tamarack. I think tamarack may be bit more of a Canadian word. This small protected Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) is a bog which is now mostly surrounded by city of London in southwestern Ontario. This type of environment is normally found farther north. It’s accessed by a boardwalk which provides some challenges for camera position.
I joined NPN in Nov this year and have found it to be a great resource. I enjoyed your Expressive Nature Photography webinar that I just recently watched.