A few years ago I took a photo class at the local community college. The best part was that I tried to find something to submit weekly and was out with my camera more often around home. I caught this somewhat mundane leaf outside of work and it spoke “fall” to me.

I don’t have much practice (or success) with black and white, but I played with this one a little and have added that version with a different crop. Thoughts? Maybe it’s a bit “green”?

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Black and white conversion and pano-style crop on the second image. I can’t remember how I arrived at the B&W.

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Karla, the leaf and the water drops show very well in both versions. There does seem to be a bit more contrast in the b&w version, plus I’m seeing just a hint of blue, which I think adds nicely.

The color works better for me. I really like your depth of field and the focus on the leaf is perfect.

A very nice minimalistic composition… The texture of the surface the leaf lies on works really well for me. The other major element that stands out here is the earthy tonality across the scene, which really adds to the image… I’d therefore encourage you to go for the colored version. In any case, well done :ok_hand:

@Mark_Seaver, @David_Schoen, @Nikos - Thanks to each of you for your comments about your preference and why.
@Mark_Seaver - I do believe I booked contrast for the B&W. I tend to be cautious with post because I still don’t think I have figured out if I’m overdoing things or under. :slight_smile:

Karla: I do like the B&W but I generally prefer color images and I do like the color more in this case for sure. Sometimes simple subjects produce compelling images. I think you did that here. Well seen, composed and captured. >=))>

Thank you, Bill. I appreciate the comments. I need to work on simplicity, I think.

Fantastic image- great minimalist subject, excellent depth of field, and wonderful color and quality of light. I’ve taken shots like this, and achieving this depth of field isn’t easy. I love those water drops. Nice work.

@Marc_McCannn - Thank you. I tried to be straight on with it, but I think it helped that it was kind of a long and skinny subject for the narrow DOF.