Fallen Electricity


“Fallen Electricity” - a macro image of a fallen leaf on an exposed log, which was drenched in water.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Single exposure / Voigtlandar 110mm macro / Sony A7R4.


Beautiful. Great colors. The burned wood makes a wonderful background.

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Matt, the colors here, especially in the leaf, are excellent. The textures in the leaf and in the burned wood work together very well.

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Terrific colors and contrast. The slight blue tinge in the burned wood is a nice touch. Whether arranged or serendipitous, these little scenes are irresistible. Have you played with the luminance sliders in the HSL to see if there is a little richness than can be teased out in the leaf?

I knew the was your image before I saw your name. Really like this one, Matt. Great contrast in patterns and colors.

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Thank you Fritz! It is one of my favorite images from the past few years.

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Thanks @Jim_Gavin | @Mark_Seaver | @Kris_Smith - the color separation was what I was really going for with this one, and I think the blue / orange / red / yellow combos work pretty good!

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I can see why!

A wonderful image, Matt! The composition, shapes, colors and patterns are just amazing. I also really like that the leaf is not perfect, but have some damages. Just a very minor issue and of course a matter of personal taste, I would have liked the LLC to be a tad sharper. However, this is of no importance, the image is just fantastic!

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Thanks Ola! Yeah, that was one thing I wished I had done too. I am pretty sure I missed that when I was focus stacking. Oh well! :slight_smile:

It happens to me too often:)