Falls Brook Arch

In Massachusetts just below the border with New Hampshire is the Royalston State Forest which protects Royalston Falls. It’s a cool sight and worth the long trip to the edge of the state, but upstream is really a wonder. With carved cliffs, dells and even this arch it is an amazing landscape. Almost like something from a movie.

It was really difficult to find a way to shoot this arch and this was the best I could do. The pool just in front is pretty deep - too deep for a tripod or this photographer. Ditto with the stream behind - deeper than it looks. So I settled for putting the tripod on the trail and aiming down just a little. I have never before or since found an arch over a brook like this and so I love it for its distinction and rarity. I didn’t try to walk on it although I suspect others have. I hope it survives to delight others.

Specific Feedback Requested

I haven’t reprocessed this since I took it in 2012, but I could and if you have a way to improve it I can give it a try.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Tripod and polarizer


Lr processed for the usual adjustments to wb, lens correction, clarity, contrast etc.


I dinked about with three mid-tone masks at about 1 1/2 using HSB, Bright/Contrast, and a slight curve to accentuate the “underneath” colors of the forest floor and on one mask to diminish the value in the very BG trees to draw attention to the bridge. I did do one select by color range to brighten the green leaves at the left top of the bridge and one select by color range to the white foam in the water for a (very) slight bump up in brightness. Subtle changes but perhaps a place to start when you do edit.

This is a cool scene, Kris. I like the way the water flows through the scene and under the bridge. I think your 2012 processing looks just fine.

You have a lot of bridge up your sleeve! This one is also very nice. The bridge itself, the greens and the water S-curved make up a good image.

A wonderful bridge, but I’m not sure I’d walk across it – doesn’t look like a good place to slip! I’m not sure you could find a better view. I’m wondering if the darkest oranges aren’t a bit heavy.

Thanks @chris10, @David_Bostock, @Ola_Jovall & @Diane_Miller - I was so shocked to see this formation and glad I could add it to my bridge collection. I have a lot of pictures of bridges, but this is the most individual. A tough shoot, but it looks like it came together ok.

Incredible bridge! It really does look like something out of a film.

Was there something in the water, foam or the like, or was it just moving fast?

It’s foam @ariella - the water wasn’t moving too fast because the nearest water in the shot is a dead end, the brook runs behind.