Feel Like Dancing

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Hot off the press. I just captured this on Sunday when I decided to take a walk in our local park after the sun finally showed itself for an afternoon. It was a beautiful day and it felt great to be out. This park is one of the very few with a great concentration of California Sycamore trees. It had also been closed and experienced flood damage and so I was curious what I could find. I thought ahead of time the sycamore trunks in afternoon light might be a good subject for ICM. I like how this one came out.

Specific Feedback

All comments and suggestions welcome. In processing the intent was to keep this light and airy a bit, so it’s a bit more pale and unsaturated. I’m wondering about the WB. I cooled it a few points in ACR, but still not sure. I think the patch of blue helps.

You impressions as well beyond any technical suggestions. Thank you!

Technical Details

Nikon D800E, Tamron 70-200mm/2.8 @86mm f/18 1/4 iso 71 and I believe I had a variable ND on there since it was still bright out. Single handheld frame on a vertical motion with a little “shimmy-shake” on the way up. that’s how you get the verticals to do a little dance I’ve figured out. Well, also the trunks are not quite straight either, so that helped.

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I don’t comment here a lot because I’m frankly out of my depth and many just don’t light up my brain, but this one does.

Hi Lon,

I never really said this openly but maybe I should, ICM and Abstracts aren’t the kind of art that speaks to me, and to be honest, most woodland art doesn’t speak to me either unless it has a lot of color in it from wildflowers or fresh blooms. I don’t know why that is. I wish I did have that vision because I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of enjoyment.
It’s not because I can’t think outside the box, I’m always thinking in abstract terms but I just don’t ‘see’ in abstract, maybe it’s because I was a cabinet maker and builder and I always needed drawings and images with clear definition?

I say the above because I want you to know why I rarely respond to anyone’s ICM and Abstract art, I don’t really know what to say.

That said, this image does have some really nice colors in it :slight_smile:

Lon, wonderful ICM! Your light and airy intention is well-realized here. It’s a gentle scene that evokes the feeling of a light breeze on an early summer day.

I love how the trunks ease out of the grass and have that sway. And the blue patch is just the right tone (IMO)… it feels like a nice balance to me. Personally wouldn’t change a thing!

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Very nice painterly look and soft colors here. I think there is just enough structure with the curvy lines and color separation for the composition to work as well. Bravo!

I think this works well because of the texture, the colors and the waviness. Is that a word, waviness??? Oh well. This is very artistic to me. There is motion in this static image. I see dancing and celebration. I see hope that the rain will stop some day in California. OK. I had to throw that one in there. Everything comes into play with image. There isn’t one standout aspect of it…well, maybe the color combination but really, this is just a very cohesive use of color, texture and motion. Well done, Lon!

Hi Lon

This is so nice.
I love the mood you get here.
Everything works just fine.

Wonderful!! Definitely makes me wanna dance!!! You captured a mix of wonderful curves in unexpected juxtapositions! WB feels fine. There is room to experiment with contrast, but not for the better or worse – just another option.

Suggestion: Frame and hang!