Female Mallard Duck Portrait

I wanted to practice with head shots for birds. I did not have to edit a lot here but did some. R7/RF100-500 at 700mm ISO 2500 1/640 f/20

Raw File

20230213-Birds-Shorebirds-9921.dng (38.9 MB)

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Hey Dean, thanks for playing this incredibly fun game. Here’s my take on your fine image. Again, this is just my interpretation and I am by no means an expert in Avian photography…but am trying to improve myself.

I use Capture One for processing, so please keep that in mind too.

First off, I see that you shot at f/20. This gets into diffraction range so I switched “Diffraction Correction” on in the lens correction tool. This brought back a bit of sharpness to the feathers.
In terms of global adjustments, I warmed the image up a tad with white balance, added a touch of contrast and reduced the highlights on the light feathers using the highlight tool.
I also reduced the saturation a touch
I also gave the image a slight vignette.

From there I used Capture One’s adjustment brushes to selectively adjust the following:
The highlights brush to further recover the white/light areas on the bird.
A warming brush to warm up those same whiter feather areas.
A dodging brush to brighten up the eye.
And finally a details brush (uses a combination of clarity and structure) to build a bit more detail over most of the feathers.

Thanks for posting this. It was fun.

I like what you did David. The detail came out nice and warming it helped. I was not sure if f/20 would cause diffraction because the lens combo will TC is f10. I need to try the correction and see if Lightroom Classic makes the feathers have more detail. Thanks for the details, I think this area on NPN will be valuable


Beautiful head shot! It’s been many years - a couple decades maybe… since I’ve done any wildlife or birds, but this is about image processing, so I thought why not give this one a try.

I don’t have any screenshots of my layer stack since I kinda did this piece-meal, but I’ll describe what I did.

  • first, opened in ACR, slight boost in vibrance, dehaze and clarity. reduced the whites and highlights a bit
  • opened in PS and first thing, bring in to Topaz DeNoise AI - reduce the color noise in the blue water, and at the same time really enhanced the details in the feathers (Love this app!)
  • cropped. As much as I liked the details of the feathers on the back, to me, this is a head shot and by cropping, that is emphasized even more.
  • Back in PS, flattened and then duplicated bg layer. I cloned out a foamy area to the left/above the nose that I thought was distracting.
  • then applied a generous dose of Gaussian blur globally, then masked out the duck (very rough masking)
  • lastly applied a slight vignette.

The colors and detail in the feathers are excellent - and THE most important thing - the sharpness and highlight in the eye. Even I can remember that from back when…