Field of Lupines

This field of Lupines was taken in New Hampshire the day after our NPN meetup ended. The lupines bloomed late this year due to an unusually cold and rainy spring. This field was still in the earlier stages of bloom, as you can tell from the tips of the flowers. I actually like seeing the tips like this, it tells a different story than flowers at full bloom.

I do not like to use focus stacking for shots like this, my preference is to have the background fade to being out of focus. Personal taste I guess.

I do not know what the yellow flowers are, someone told me they are wild horseradish, but upon looking that up online, horseradish doesn’t look like this. If anyone can provide an ID, I would appreciate it.

No matter what they are, I’ll take yellow flowers mixed with blue lupines any day…

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any and all comments and critique are appreciated

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 16-35mm f4 lens, ISO 400, 31mm, 1/5 sec at f16

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Simply gorgeous! What a wonderful group of flowers and complimentary colors too!

Ed, this is gorgeous. I think the focus falls off where it needs to and most of the big lupines in the foreground are in focus. My only suggestion is to clean up the edges (especially on the lower third of the frame) of the yellow flowers. They look like parsnip flowers to me.

Hi Ed, I like this look - fade to out of focus. I get the sense of this field of flowers goes on forever. The yellow and purple flowers (they don’t look blue to me) complement each other in a field of green. This is lovely :raised_hands:

Nice find! The color combination of purple and yellow is stunning and your choice of composition works well. A keeper for sure.

@Adhika_Lie @Kathy_Snead @Patricia_Brundage @Ynez_Slaymaker thank you all for your comments and input, it is much appreciated.

@Adhika_Lie thank you for the edge cleanup suggestions, after our discussion yesterday on the waterfall image by @matt_fischer, I should have known to do this. As you said, cloning distractions sometimes feels like the story of my life.

Patricia, this was taken on Sunday 6/16 after the Lowe brother had left to go home. These lupines are from the field near Randolph that you mentioned, as you can see they were very late for 6/16, and still pretty small, with lots of cone at the top.

Here is a rework with some edge cleanup as suggested by Adhika.

Ed: As an avowed single capture devote’ I appreciate the artistic choices you made here. I love the frame filling comp and the light is pretty darn good too. Beautiful subject superbly captured and rendered. >=))>

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Beautiful, Ed. A subtle, but improved repost.

Ed, the second one is a real winner. A wonderful scene and well photographed too…:+1:

Stunningly gorgeous Ed! Great job with the edge cleanup. Tiny changes, but certainly takes this up another notch. Colors are vibrant and beautiful and the composition with the layout of the plants and flowers, just perfect. Hard to say, but perhaps one of your best take aways from the trip?


Outstanding Ed. Love the comp with the yellow flowers framing the bottom. I’m with you about preferring lupines at this stage. The fade away at top also works well.