Finding old messages

What is the best way to find past messages that have been sent to me? Let’s say I wish to find a messages someone sent me a few months ago. How would I go about finding it?

Hi Igor, I would recommend going to your messages and then going to the search tool in the upper right next to your avatar, this will search in just your messages.

Thank you. Is there a link anywhere to this URL? I seem to remember navigating to it.

There are two ways, easiest is in the new sidebar menu:

Or, if you click on your avatar to bring up the new notifications menu you can click on the messages icon, then the show extra button at the bottom of that menu:

Neither option shows the message icon. Here is the screen shot from method 2:

And while I’m at it you will notice that your post does not appear at the top of the list of notifications. When you first posted it was there but after I read the post and opened it a second time it is gone. I have noticed this behavior now several times where I can’t read some old notifications.