Firehole River & Midway Geyser Basin

On the first mostly sunny day in nearly 2 weeks, I went into Yellowstone to explore some of the thermal areas. The golden fall grasses and rising clouds of steam/mist from various features caught my attention in a couple of areas. This is a view along/across the Firehole River as it approaches Midway Geyser Basin. That’s Flood Geyser erupting to the right of center.

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Looks like a fine day to be out and about in a fascinating place.

Mark, a wonderful look at this seemingly very open and certainly substantial territory. Just another day built especially for us photogs…:sunglasses:

That is some great scenery, Mark, and looks like you were there on a wonderful day to photograph it. Very nice!

I like the subdued colors, they look right on for a somewhat cloudy autumn day, and transmit that feeling of “it’s getting cold”.

Lovely scene/comp. B/w could be fun here with all that contrast :slight_smile:


Love the thermal drama and straw colored grass Mark. How lucky are you to live so close to this marvelous place.