Fish On!

I went to the Hatchery yesterday to see if the salmon and Sea Lions were in. There was apparently a few fish because there were a lot of Harbor Seals present plus one Sea Lion. I hung around and got a few pictures of the seals but then a couple Bald Eagles stopped by and that turned out to be my lucky opportunity! This adult Bald Eagle was sitting on a rock just staring into the water and I happened to be taking a photo of it when it suddenly dropped into the stream. Obviously there was going to be some serious action so I punched the shutter button down and just left it there. The eagle came up with a salmon and had quite a struggle trying to get it under control. The battle went on for 10 - 15 seconds and the camera was shooting at ~10 frames/second so I ended up with a sequence of 111 photos! I hand picked from all those to get a batch that showed the progression of the action and the better shots of the salmon and the eagle. The individual frames are titled and annotated. Hope you all find it interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

All frames: Sony a6500, FE200600G @ 448 - 600 mm, ISO-250, f/6.3, 1/4000, hand held.

Fishing - - Standing on a rock, waiting for a salmon to swim by.

The Grab - - All of a sudden it dropped into the water. I knew it was after a salmon or had gotten one so I started shooting.

Get Out of the Water - - Rising out of the water but you can’t tell if it has a salmon yet.

Stepping Up - - Got one foot on top of the rock and beginning to look like it’s got something as it wasn’t an easy step.

Reeling it In - - Yup, it has a salmon and it’s trying to pull it out of the water.

It’s a Big One! - - It was able to pull it out of the water and it’s a good size salmon!

Fish onboard - - It’s got the fish on top of the rock now.

The Struggle Begins - - The fish comes alive and starts flopping wildly.

Hard to Hold - - The salmon is going crazy and it’s all the eagle can do to keep it’s balance and hold on.

Thrashing - - The salmon is thrashing all over and almost goes back in the water.

A Prize Worth Fighting For! - - This shot shows how large the salmon is, relative to the eagle.

Too Hard to Handle - - You can tell by the splash that the salmon went back into the water but the eagle held on and pulled it back up.

Under Control, Time to Go - - At this point the salmon slowed down a bit and the eagle decided it would be a good idea to take it someplace more secure to eat it.

Off to the Dining Room - - My camera buffer ran out so I missed the takeoff but was able to grab a shot as it headed for a place to eat the salmon.



Wonderful sequence! Thanks for sharing.

Oh Gary, I really have enjoyed these images. I can’t image how much fun it was for you, holding that shutter down and capturing all of these wonderful shots. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

This is an amazing series Gary. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Fun. And pretty exciting as well. Lovely series with focus spot on and lots of detail. Thanks for sharing.

This is a great series. Wonderful moment, great catch for both of you.
Thanks for sharing.