Flame Colored Tanager, female and repost

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 800, 300, f8, 640th, D500, handheld, fill flash, cloudy and adjacent to jungle canapy


The tanager is nice and sharp with lots of detail. A very nice pose as well. The leaves on bottom right side are a bit of distraction for me. They seem out of place with all the other soft lines in the photo.

Hi David,

This is a nice view of the flame tanager. Burning in the light leaf in the lower RH side of your image should improve the comp…Jim

here is a repost with the offending leaves removed.

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Removing those leaves is definitely an improvement, David. Superb detail in the Tanager, and a great head turn.

Gorgeous capture in a very pleasing environment. RP definitely an improvement.