Flash Flood, Zion National Park

These days, climate change has brought a lot of flooding everywhere. This year Zion National Park had some of their worst flash floods along the Virgin River.

I attended an Art Wolfe workshop in Zion in November 2004. It was a great experience and I stayed several days after the workshop to photograph the fall color. One night it rained quite heavily and the next morning the Virgin River was flooding and raging down the canyon. Wanting to capitalize on the situation, I slapped on a 24mm tilt/shift lens and fearlessly made my way to the river bank.

Exciting? Yes. Dangerous? Certainly. Stupid? Most definitely.

Here are a few more shots:

With the 90mm TSE:

Specific Feedback Requested

Comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon EOS 1DS, EF 24mm TSE, 1/20sec @ f/16, ISO 100, Tripod, Polarizer.

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That looks like fun!? And yeah dangerous. Anyone who has ever witnessed a flash flood in the Southwest US can’t help but be impressed. I did a backpacking trip into Mually Twist Canyon which is part of Capital Reef. We witnessed a flash flood of about two or three hours duration while we were down in the canyon at a safe that point. It happened really fast and return to normal almost as fast as the flood.

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Way cool, David! Love the different angles you got and I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m all for dangerous and stupid! :sweat_smile:

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