Hey, I’ve been thinking about reigniting my Flickr profile that I’ve had for years. Mostly as a way to ‘back up’ processed images.

I used it before but not in any anger so have a noob question. Does Flickr take your image at full resolution (for example) and display it at a lower, online friendly, resolution. If that I the case at people here uploading full res images to store them?

I think that flickr will not take TIF files or RAW files. The new flickr requires a subscription, however, so perhaps that gives you greater flexibility. You get 1GB of space for free and beyond that you need a paid subscription.

I keep seeing and hearing that Flickr’s days may be numbered, so I would be cautious using it as a backup. I use Backblaze as my cloud backup. Unlimited storage, and VERY reasonably priced. It’s already saved my rear once. :slight_smile: Just go to

Thanks @BrettOssman, I actaully use backblaze already for my backups and an very happy with it.

@BrettOssman and @Igor_Doncov I re read my OP and it wasn’t that clear so sorry for any confusion. I meant I wanted somewhere to store and display processed images. More of another place for people to view my shots with the added benefit of having a bit of a back up (im talking .jpg here rather than tiff/raw/psd)

apologies for the confusion in how I worded it