Flying Female Woodie

So far, this is my favorite shot of my Portland pond images. I like the degree of sharpness, flight pose, and background.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Iso-640, 500 mm F5 .6 PF at F7 .1, 1000th, 70% full frame, handheld, D 850, Adobe camera raw, Topaz adjust, TK sharpening action at 5%

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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David, you nailed this one. I’ve looked at it and what’s not to like? I wish I could get one coming at me like that. Surprises me that you got that sharpness at 1/1000th sec. I appreciate that it’s not easy getting these kinds of images, makes me like it all the more!


David, a truly excellent image. The head-on take is as good as it gets. I agree about your points with regard to DOF, sharpness, and the BG as well. Not much to add beyond saying it all came together very nicely here…:+1:

btw: this one gave me recall to a flight line I worked on at Elmendorf AFB in AK. I always thought the landing C-141’s with their landing gear down and full flaps looked like ducks at this point in flight…:cowboy_hat_face:

Great achievement, birds-in-flight coming towards you are the real challenge. Love the intent and focussed look of the duck, the overall comp and the great BG colors. No nits, great shot ! Cheers, Hans

Good stuff, David. That’s really neat timing getting the wings in a weird position. The focus looks tack sharp, and the direct eye contact is great.

Ditto what everyone else said. :wink: This more centered comp works well here. Great focus!

That is really neat, David. You nailed the focus and I like the angle of the incoming duck. I also like the red and gold of the background. Excellent work.

Hi David, Ditto the positive comments on this image - I like the head on look and the water is great too. I like the flared tail also. Very well captured!

The colours, detail, lighting, and pose all come together wonderfully to make this awesome image! Wouldn’t change a thing!