Flying High

Yesterday I took a bike ride in between the rain and rode past a field with a bunch of Starlings, Blackbirds, Sparrows. They were eating something and then would fly around, so I had to stop and try to get them flying in front of the beautiful clouds. I love Starlings, some of their silhouettes look so funny, like they’re these little bullets shooting through the air!

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 100


Charlie: I like the crop and changes you made to this image. I think it does help.

It looks like you had some automated script or something that added your signature at the bottom left of the image. I’m sure it was an accident, but could you remove it and repost your changes without that. Thx.

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I see that now. My mistake. Sorry.

I really liked the image but thought it was too busy. To me, the most interesting part was the lower left with the clouds. I cropped out some and removed a couple of birds on the right edge. I think this accentuates the “bullets” which are very cool. Nice capture. Just a thought.


@Charlie_Chaffee Thanks, Charlie. I see what you mean. I kind of liked all the birds, but this brings them closer with the crop! It looks like maybe a square or is it just freestyle? Thanks for your feedback!

This is beautiful and so creative! Now I’m going to be watching for that composition! :grinning: Love it!

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I think these shots are hard to pull off, but you did a nice job. I like the contrast between the birds and clouds.

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Hi Vanessa. I like the composition as posted as well as the exposure and shutter speed that stopped the wings nicely. I would consider removing the two birds (one at either side) that just touch the edges of the frame.

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@Dennis_Plank Thanks Dennis! Glad you like it. I’ll try seeing if I can repair them. That’s what you meant, right. Not cropping.

Not cropping, but replacing the birds with background from the same area so it looks as if they were never there. Your software should have a spot replacement tool at least that would make it easy.

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It is square but, you could crop it any way you want. It’s rare that I don’t do some cropping on every picture. Try different ratios. Keep submitting, there are lots of folks with lots more expertise than I have.

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