Fog is Clearing

On a visit to Sintra, Portugal fog socked in the entire view in heavy rain. In this image the sun had come out some and the fog dissipated enough to capture the surrounding forest. I appreciate your take on processing this image with whatever explanation you can make about your work flow. Sean, I have been using the TK8 plugin and have benefited from your video guide and tutorials. Thanks. Larry

Raw File

20221028-_DSC60107200¹⁄₆₄₀ sec at ƒ - 7.170 mmISO 400.dng (21.7 MB)

You may only download this file to demonstrate how you would process the image. The file is Copyright of the photographer, and you must delete the raw file when you are done. Please post a jpg of what you created, along with an explanation of what you did and why you did it.

My Edit (click to see)

I am adding this crop version as well. Thanks.