Foggy Morning

A picture I made on a foggy and somewhat mysterious early morning in the Wisconsin River Bottoms. Thank you for any thoughts.


Nick, it’s nice to see more of your amazing river bottoms scenes. The mood and drama in this one are great. I also like the contrast you have here between warm and cool tones. This is one of the best river bottoms shot’s that I’ve seen from you.

Hi Ed, Thank you! I very much appreciate that. It is a recent favorite of mine. Cheers, Nick

Beautiful image Nick. In this case I would use a frame because some of the border tones are real close to the dark background.

Very beautiful fall image that reminds me of October…and Im SOOOO looking forward to fall.

You certainly have a way with trees @Nick_Bristol. I was perusing your website the other day. I love these scenes that you capture!

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Thanks Igor! Much appreciated. Nick

Kane, and TJ, Thanks so much guys. Sure appreciate getting your thoughts. I too am really looking forward to the fall season.

Love the hint of color in this, the mood, and the lovely bending branches. I almost feel like I have visited these river bottoms with all of your fantastic images of them!

Hi Kathy, Thank You! Sure do appreciate getting your thoughts. I’m glad you have enjoyed this on going series of river bottom images. I’ll keep at it. Cheers, Nick

Beautiful, I like the wonderful glow in this image.

Hi Tom, Thanks man! So glad you like it! Best to you! Nick

My favorite of your posts so for - love the mood. What a great morning to come onto this seen.

Ynes, I really appreciate getting your thoughts on this. It really was a great morning and it is also one of my favorites. Thanks so much, Nick

Whoa I’m glad this got bumped, I love it! The mood and composition are wonderful. I am always proud to see great images out of Wisconsin!

Do you mind explaining what you mean by “Wisconsin River Bottoms”? I’ve never heard that term.

Hi Brent, So glad you like this image, Thank you!
The lower part of the Wisconsin River (lets say the last 75 miles or so before in runs into the Mississippi River) flows between all the hills know as the Wisconsin River Valley and the low land along the river is what we call the river bottoms. It often floods when we have lots of rain or in the spring with snow melt. When the river is at it’s normal level or lower one can hike through the bottoms as I often do. For me it seems to have a lonely, quiet and mysterious mood about it. Hope this helps understand the term. Cheers, Nick

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This is really beautiful. The light is outstanding but for me the composition is what truly “makes” this image.

Nick, I really enjoy your foggy or mist takes from your area of the world. Our arid region has a hard time getting raindrops never mind the aftermath of fog & mist.
The dark tree trunks and limbs provide a neat structure outline of the entire scene here. I especially like some of the dabble light breaking through here and there as well…nice work once again…:sunglasses:

Alberto and Paul, Thanks guys! Nice to have your thoughts on this.
Alberto, I had a hard time getting this comp but once I got it set up I too was quite happy with it.
Paul, We had rain while I was in the U.P. and then after getting home I had 4" of rain last night. Wish I could sent some your way.
I have always enjoyed your 4x5 film work! Nick

Gorgeous! Very, very moody. Reminds me of Germany.