For yearly EP winners - a free year of membership?

I see my membership says “up for renewal in June.”

On NPN1, all yearly EP winners received a free year of membership (as well as a printed Certificate Jim E. made up, until the last couple of years).

I haven’t read anywhere that this has changed. Has the no-charge year been discontinued?

It also used to be that one could only win ONE of the yearly EP’s - I think that is a good idea and should be resumed. There are so many excellent images posted, no single person needs to win more than one.


Jim would need to chime in here for complete clarity, but on NPN1 only the first place winners received a free year of membership and even that practice ceased a few years ago to the best of my memory.

We will not be continuing the prize of a free membership. When discussing this with Jim he acknowledged that this constant giveaway was really hurting the bottom line and was one of the reasons he could not continue to develop the site and ultimately stopped giving away memberships. Originally he did lifetime memberships, which really hurt. Hopefully you can understand this and will continue to support the site so we can continue development into the future.

Sure, totally understandable.
Wow, I sure didn’t realize the money “lost” from awarding 8 memberships a year was such a big factor in being unable to develop and continue NPN1. Good to know, and very wise to discontinue then.