Forever graceful

A cone flower from our garden after the first snowfall of the season. I was out shoveling snow off of the sidewalk when I noticed these flower, well past their prime but still beautiful as always. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera and made a few images.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is most welcome!

Technical Details

I shot this at f/1.8 which in hindsight I think was an error - there is the OOF ‘glow’ that I’m not quite sure that I like. I think that I should have gone with maybe f/2.8…


The flower is, indeed, still lovely to my eyes. The textures are displayed more clearly that when in full bloom. The snow is a nice contrast to the dried, brown plant. Nice composition and framing.

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This image says, “Less is more.” You capture the impact of the snow well. I am OK with the glow, although It emphasizes the flower as the main subject rather than the overall weather conditions. Perhaps this is your vision. Nice image.

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Brrr. Looks cold and lonely. Our coneflowers never survive so I’ve stopped trying. Deer love them.

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Tom, this is a very nice image. Just enough snow on it. Wonderful browns that show well against the white. Well done.

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@Chris_Baird , @Larry_Greenbaum , @Kris_Smith and @Shirley_Freeman - thank you all for the wonderful comments! I appreciate each and everyone of them.

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I like the snow on this. it’s just the touch it needs. Now if I let my fancy go, I see an old evening gown on a mannequin like in a museum, and with a white furry wrap around the shoulders. :smiley:

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Tom, your coneflower was clearly caught by surprise in this storm, since it looks to have been in full bloom. As a detail “nut”, I’d like to see the petals, clump of snow in the middle and the front of the seeds sharp, but that’s my vision, not necessarily yours.