Fort Desoto Dawn

Dawn breaks over Fort Desoto beach on Florida’s Suncoast. Sony a9, Sony 200-600mm @ 600mm, manual exposure 1/8th second, f/22, ISO 50.

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There is not as much movement in the fore ground birds as I would have expected. The pelicans look great and the blurred wave is a very nice touch. It looks like a good beach to really get zeroed in on the pelicans. I really like that blurred wave. Sometimes big white waves in the bg can be distracting but this one works for me.

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Nice look at the center pelican; maybe bring up the shadows on the other. Like the wave action. As a birder I wish the other birds were in focus and identifiable. Is the orange billed bird a black skimmer? Envy you seeing all these birds at once.

Hi Charles, a friend of mine, here in CT, loves to go camping at the state park each year and I can understand why. The early light is very appealing here and I do like the blurred wave action in the background. I can’t understand why the right pelican didn’t get as much light as the other, but he could use some increased exposure to show more details. I would like the foreground birds more in focus too, but that may be a personal preference.