Found in the local Rose Garden

I have been walking an average of seven miles a day in my neighborhood since I began working from home in mid March. There is a memorial garden I visit each day along my route. There is always something wonderful to see and photograph in the garden. I take my camera with my 105 mm lens and my dog, Maui, on each of these walks.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.


Beautiful image, Mary.

Great image. thanks for sharing.

Reminds me of winter…excellent shot. Nice focus, and light.

A beautiful image of this lovely rose, Mary. Love it’s color.

Welcome to the NPN community Mary. This is a gorgeous rose, love the beautiful color. Look forward to more of your photos.

Thank you, very much, Harley!

Many thanks for you comment, Ralph!

Thank you for sharing what the image brings to your mind as a viewer, Jim!

Thank you, Shirley! I don’t often photograph roses. The color is what attracted me to this one, for sure!

Thank you, Linda! NPN seems like such a warm, encouraging group of creative people!

A beautiful image Mary - Love the color and your choice in composition. Welcome to the community!

Thank you for the warm welcome and kind words, Dan!

We have the same purple roses on our patio, they look wonderful after light rainy weather. They were surrounded by weed first, but then we’ve got these barriers from here ( url: ), and the total view of our patio became much better, especially for photos. I like garden and flowers all around the house.

What a nice discovery.I used to have a rose garden with a couple of these lilac varieties. Brings back good memories.