Fresh Morning Snow

A recent photo taken near Ridgway, Colorado. Several inches of snow had fallen the previous day.

The photo had been shot in color and was converted to black and white using NIK Silver Efex.



Hi Michael, Cool shot. I quite like the repeating pattern of the log fence. Processing also seems really nice.

You didn’t specify what cc you were after. My only comment would be a tighter crop from the bottom. Maybe about 1/8th of the way into the shot. As the first ‘fence’ is quite close to the edge of the frame, I find it draws the eye. I would crop to remove it, thus simplifying the shot a bit.

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Thank you Eugene. My initial crop was made to bring the line of the fence into that lower left corner; however I can experiment with bringing the lower crop up as suggested if the corner is too distracting.

No problem! I didn’t think that you mave have cropped the shot already. You could even take the crop back slightly to reveal a bit more of it. Could work too.

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What a nice image!

Given the aspect ratio is probably something close to 5x4 (w/h), I’m guessing you’ve already cropped the shot somewhere. And though the fence section in LL corner does attract my eye, it doesn’t hold it, so I’m not terribly worried about it…though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to play with cropping it out.

The one suggestion I would make revolves around the ‘halos’ along the mtn ridge<->sky intersections. It’s fairly prominent along the downward slope of the ‘dark’ mountain, but exists in a couple other areas as well.

Otherwise, VERY nice!

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Wonderful light and leading lines here. Just enough texture in the BG aspen trees. Pleasant shadow distribution. I f you have more from the left side on the original image, it might make an interesting pano.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I will work on reprocessing and bring it back to the original 3x2 aspect ratio. I’ll pay attention to the sharpening to see if that caused the halos.

Thank you David. I will review the original 3x2 aspect ratio and see if there is a better crop.

I do find that the fence post in the Llc draws the eye but in a positive way, not a distraction. Cropping it off from the bottom results in a less interesting, more cliche image in my opinion.