Freshly Emerged

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I am in the process of constructing an on-line portfolio and went back to look at some of my photos from last Summer. This one features a freshly emerged black swallowtail that began the eclosion process in my car while heading to work. I setup the shot as the butterfly expanded its wings. The background is the wooded area that borders our parking lot. After work, I released the black swallowtail and it was last seen heading towards our flower garden. I cropped about 30% from the left and bottom side for an improved composition over the full frame version…Jim

K5 IIs, 180mm f3.5, 1/25 sec at f18, Iso 800.

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Outstanding image in every way, Jim. The soft light, great framing, perfect exposure, background and details - all true perfection. Wish it were mine!

Absolutely beautiful, Jim! The details in the BF is just amazing. I too wish it was my photo!

Absolutely lovely, Jim.


Jim: A number of years ago we had a pretty good crop of black swallowtails and I was able to get a number of similar images. It’s a marvelous process to witness and you captured it very well. :+1::+1: >=))>

A beautiful image, with a great story behind it! Does the State Patrol object to DWWI? (Driving While Watching Insects)

This is a beauty, Jim. The colors in the fore wing look great and the eyes really pop. The background creates a fine sense that this bf will be flying off into an inviting world.

Thank you. DWWI is certainly frowned upon by the local authorities, but was able to slow the metamorphosis by dropping the car’s air conditioner temperature down to a setting more suitable for polar bears…Jim

Nice details, colours, and BG , Jim.

8 dittos! A good one, Jim!