From the Dolomites

This picture is a shot from the care while driving . I was a passenger during this trip in the Dolomites. Taken with a Nikon Z6 and 24-70 z mount lens.

Just to shoot while other is driving.

Good exposure of the sky and clouds. I would crop it in tighter on the mountains and sky. Get rid of at the fence and field all together. It looks like a great place to visit.

Nice quick grab shot from a vehicle. Dolomites remind me a bit of Yosemite!

There is a lot of distraction in the bottom third of the image; fence, power lines are two of the primary issues. I would suggest cropping a bit tighter to just above the power lines, allowing you to bring in the dolomites close. There is a distracting reflection from the window in the center of the image along the vertical line of the mountin just right of center.

Colors are very nice and I wouldn’t change those any. Slightly lighten your shadows a bit to bring out the pine trees on the right side. You may want to try and use a highlight reduction to remove the window shadow. The image appears sharp and without motion blur, so I am presuming you were shooting a fast ISO and Shutter speed to reduce this.

Thank you for the comment.