This is a Bird of Paradise leaf damaged by the severe cold we had last week. This is from our biggest and historically most productive plant so I’m hoping the damage is not fatal. This guy got hurt a few years ago but the cold then was nowhere near as bad or as persistent as this episode. One of my neighbors asked me what I was shooting as he was walking his dog and I told him that even dead and damaged things can produce a compelling image. I hope you agree. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, .6 sec @ f32


Great idea and nicely done , Bill. Looks like you got us all on this one. Fun exercise. Sure hope the plant makes it.

Very cool. Had no idea what I was looking at.

Bill, so this is the answer… This view is outstanding! It looks like there’s a reflection along the bluish line, but then the sharp edges coming in from the bottom say that’s not correct. That makes for delightfully complex viewing. The details in the lower leaf with it’s curly edges are terrific.

Ah, never would have guessed what this is. This image gives the sandstones of Utah a good run for the money. Great abstract, with its lines, colors and textures. Fascinating!

Bill, I sure didn’t guess what this is. In fact, I didn’t see it as macro at all. My mind was saying it was the edge of some kind of wall next to water! Sorry I am coming in late on this. I like all the lines, shapes and texture in this, and how I was unable to recognize what it was. I do hope that your Bird of Paradise comes back nicely.