Frozen firework

Along Sligo Creek, just outside of Washington, DC.

Specific Feedback Requested

Seeking any and all advice and comments. Thanks in advance.

Please view the large image!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Canon 80D, 1/40 s, f/8, ISO 200, EF 24-105mm f/4 @ 35 mm, CPL.

Raw file processed in LRClassicCC and Topaz Denoise AI. TK resize/sharpening for web.

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I think it’s a very pretty, minimalist type image. I love the pattern of the bare branches against the snow. I think it would really stand out in black and white.

Real nice minimalist image. I might clone out the dark spots in the snow in the upper area, but real minor.

Very nice capture, Ronald. I do agree with Harley’s suggestion for removing the dark spots, and if it’s available I might show more snow to the right just to de-center the shot a little.

I will third the thought of removing the little dark spot in the upper portion of the image as they don’t really add anything and this is a minimalist type of image. I would be tempted to add canvas all around if you have to make it even more minimalist. I agree with others that this would work well as a black and white. I love the little flower pod in the upper left of the plant.

I wonder if this would suit B&W?

Critique-wise, it is well framed. I find the bud (?) on the left side a bit distracting and also the short lower RHS twig is just a little outside the main grouping - very minor point. Perhaps recomposing to the right or left a little would help resolve this.

Others have pointed out the dark spots and I would agree.

Overall, I like the concept but I find the subject quite busy to my eye which detracts from the minimalist theme. Of course, this is very subjective.

I agree with @Bill_Chambers about wanting to see a bit breathing room on the right. With the strong “lean” of the stalks on the right, I wish it had a little more room to move into. Otherwise my comments echo those made by most of the other folks (dark spots, etc).

Thank you, @Vanessa_Hill, @Harley_Goldman, @Bill_Chambers, @David_Haynes, @brian15 and @Ed_McGuirk for your comments. I thought what I believe to be animal tracks added an environment aspect, but if the photo is to be considered an abstract, then, yes, they should go. Consider them gone.

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The detail and exposure of this little scene are spot on.
To me, the centered framing makes it more of a portrait than a minimalist piece. I agree with others that giving the clump more space would increase the artistic feeling.