Frozen fish (ice #2)

Recently, since it had been a cold night, I went to a pond located in a park near my home, to take ice images. Unfortunately, the ice was grey and muddy and sprinkled with snow. To me, not very good conditions. However, I walked around this pond for almost two hours to anyhow try to find some photographs to take. I have put these images into a series of four images. This is the second one.

To me this frozen in stone looks like a frozen fish!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

1/100, f/7.1, ISO 400, 43 mm (86 mm equiv.), Olympus OM-D EM-1X

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This is very interesting, Ola. I like the cold, frozen feeling and that little bit of rock does indeed look like a fish. It gives the overall scene a bit of ominous destiny. Well done.

Well, I think that your persistence paid off! This is a beautifully composed image with nice colours and textures. I like it a lot and you’re right, it does kind of look like a fish!

Woah, this is super! It does look oddly fishlike. Gripped in ice like that, I’d feel sad for its fate if it was a fish. The only thing I’d do is to clone out the yellow rock in the LRC, replacing it with the top ice texture and color will be more uniform I think. I might also take down the clarity or sharpening very slightly. Otherwise, this is really fab. I need to get well and get out!

Nicely seen, Ola. Definitely has a fish quality to it. Love the colors, composition and textures, but I agree with @Kris_Smith about removing the small leaf in the LRC.

This is SOOO cool!! (Well, in both senses.) Are you really, really sure it isn’t a frozen fish? It is an amazing imitation! And you get extra points for spending the time and trouble to find something this wonderful on a dreary day! I LOVE the texture of the gray ice!

@Diane_Miller, @Kris_Smith, @David_Bostock, @linda_mellor and @Tom_Nevesely thanks for your kind comments.
Yes, I will take care of the leaf in the LRC.

Ola, this is stunning. To me, this is the very best of your recent photos that I have seen. I just love it for the abstract look, the radiating ice patterns, the tones and graduation of detail, the wonderful colour palette, and the fact that there is enough detail to see what the subject is. This is truly wonderful. Cheers.

@Phil_G thanks for your very kind comments.

Looks like a wee flounder coming up for its last gasp of breath prior to being frozen in. Love the gold against the textured grey ice, the fracture lines in front of the “fish” and the careless leaf that settled on the surface. Quite charming and exactly the sort of thing I start looking for when the bigger scenes look duller and less interesting than you wish they currently were.