Fruit Bat

Also known as Flying Fox

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R 5; RF 600 mm; ISO 2000; 1/800 sec. at f 7.1


An extremely wonderful image of this bat, J. I’d have to say I’m surprised at seeing this guy out and about in broad daylight. I thought all bats were night travelers unless pushed out in the light for odd reasons. Regardless, the bright light provides excellent detail overall… :+1: :+1:
btw: two short stories about bats.
Years ago while waiting in my vehicle for sunrise photo ops I had a group of bats flying around my truck and were actually hitting my aerial radio antenna. They were not getting hurt by the flexible rod but the “twanging” noise was laughable.
Secondly, we had a photog on the first version of NPN that specialized in some really neat action photos of bats in the dark using strobes. One of his best were taken over a small water cistern. He set his strobes up and as they flew skimming across the water drinking he captured the stop action that was amazing. Sadly, I do not recall his name but he was out of the San Diego area here in southern California… :cowboy_hat_face:

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Great shot Jagdeep. The head and face show such great detail. I have tried to photograph these myself a couple of times but they are are either asleep of too far up in the canopy of a huge tree.

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I like this photo. Fruit bats are just too cute. I like how the bat is isolated from the BG. The head turn is awesome…Jim

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I like the one foot hold on the tree.

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I somehow missed this when originally posted, Jagdeep but it caught my attention after @Andrew_Sentipal revived it. A terrific look at this bat, with great detail and awesome color. Well done.

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