Full Spectrum

This is one of my favorite leaf images and I came to it purely by accident. Chrissy and I were wandering around the garden section at Lowe’s when I spotted this backlit banana plant leaf. I hadn’t even planned on going with her and I didn’t have my camera but I did have my phone so I grabbed a few shots. I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. All comments welcome. >=))>


Hi Bill. Nice catch. The colors and comp are great. Maybe fill in the BLC? I’m not sure how that is done (I have a lot to learn regarding post), but I’ve seen others do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Bill, that is an amazing collection of colors! The shape and texture of the leaf add well also. As I tell my occasional photo workshop, “It’s not the equipment that makes the photo, it’s the operator knowing how to use what’s in hand.”

Wow, great capture and great catch! Goes to show keeping your eyes and mind open and you’ll be surprised what you might find!