Fungi in the Spring

I came across these last April in a shady abandoned Korean schoolyard.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’d like to know what you think of the framing. I pasted in a few extra leaves because part of the leafy frame had a break in it; I thought the bare brown leaves there distracted.

Technical Details

D500 + 105mmf2.8 micro 1/125 f14 ISO2000. Hand-held, no flash

Photoshop: Topaz Denoise. Shadows/Highlights and Curves.

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Hi, Mike thanks for posting. It’s a decent in-situ shot and you have handled it pretty well. However, the problem with fungi is getting intact specimens. The right section looks better than the left and exploration of other compositions in that region might also have been worth doing. With fungi always experiment with high, and low camera positions and isolating specific parts you can then decide later. These sorts of shots don’t lend themselves to being creative as a whole specimen.

Thanks for this, Robert. Comments taken on board. I was wondering if the framing was successful. Is it noticeable that I pasted in some extra leaves, and did this improve the original, which had a distracting brown gap in the green leaves?

I like this, Mike. It has a nice abstract quality. The greens and blacks contrast each other well. I’m not familiar with the fungi, so o wouldn’t notice anything impacting the image based on this specimen.

As for copying leaves to cover barren areas, I think that worked well. The balance works for me, and I can imagine an image based on the left half as well.

Nicely seen.

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Oh I like this one very much. And for me, I’m not always after a perfect mushroom specimen. Many times the character a bit of weathering or nibbling adds is a benefit, adding interest and showing more about the vital nature of many mushroom species. The framing here is killer. The flowers remind me of some we get here in the northern part of the US called Goldthread. Similar leaves and profusion and so as a frame it works great. Also the color contrast is compelling. Are the fungi brackets really that blue? Some types of Turkey Tail can get quite blue and these look similar. Good job with the leaf cloning, I couldn’t see it.

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Hi Mike thanks for coming back. Yes I think the leaves did help for sure!

I love the way the leaves frame the mushroom, and they are lovely in their own right. I don’t see any evidence of cloning. Good work!!

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Very cool. Almost looks like an island in a sea of green!
If this were my image, I would experiment with decreasing the brightness of the greens to see if I could get the fungus would pop out a little more.

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