It was a cold and windy day, and I wanted to isolate the pilings and rocks and allow the viewer to see into the water. Long exposure, but the time would undoubedtly change at the same location the next time, so that number is irrelevant. Best to take along your Hoodman loupe and see what effect you like at x, y, or z seconds. Everyone has different tastes. For me, this combination worked out on this particular day.

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Lovely pastels in the scene and I like the hint of the rocks lying below the surface of the water, Margo.

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Then, Ed, I succeeded, as that was exactly what I wanted to capture. Thank you!

I love the soft / sharp contrast that you created here with the long exposure. The pastel green colors in the water are really nice too.

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It is amazing, Ed, the colors that show up in the capture. I saw hints of it in real life but didn’t realize that it would render so well. Thank you!

Great contrast between the ridged dark pilings and rocks and the soft water and subtle rocks below the surface. Nice work - I want to wade right in!

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I love that you said that. I actually did wade right in to get the framing I wanted! And yes, it was lovely!