Garden Tour 7

Sony A77II - Watercolor Mode
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/800 @ f5.6
Oil Paint filter in PS
I expect this iris to bloom tomorrow and if it’s as spectacular as I anticipate you’ll see more of it soon. This will be the first time this plant has flowered so both me and the gardener are excited. The straight shot was pretty good but I thought I would fool around with some artistic filters. All comments welcome. >=))>

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The bud is beautifully set off against the luscious greens of the bg, Bill - can’t wait to see the opening flower ! What filters have you used, because I would not have known this was not a straight shot ?

Ian: In the largest version you can see the oil paint effect and I shot this with the watercolor mode on my camera. Most high end Sony cameras let you shoot Jpegs in various artistic renderings. This is about the extent of my creative instincts.>=))>

Bill, this is a fine look at this Iris bud. The swirls are an intriguing effect. Is is possible to only use them “locally”? I’m wondering how this would work if only the background or only the bud and leaf were swirled.

Very well done with the oil paint effect. I eagerly await a photo of the bloom!

Was just out cleaning out part of my perennial garden. My iris are at the most 3 inches tall at this point. The garden is getting much more attention this year as we quarantined ourselves 3 weeks ago due to the hubby’s lung issues and now we are under “house arrest” until April 17. Odd times but a good time to try seeds and new plants. Our botanical garden here closed a couple of weeks ago.



Beautiful capture of this pre-bloom bud, pod, whatever it may be called. Love the detail, texture and even the added “water color” effect on the bud itself.

With artistic license it’s really not even fair or right to make critiques - in the sense that there is no right or wrong and it’s totally up to the creator to define the image. Ok, that’s my pre-but…
In spite of the notion of the artistic license, I myself still find myself stuck in certain paradigms - like a soft, oof bg is effective in isolating a primary subject, like we see every day in Flora. Interesting, I like the texture in the soft, oof background… but in the end I’m also distracted by it. I want to study the budding flower, yet I’m drawn to look at the neat texture in the bg. In the end, I think it competes too much with the main flower (from the “I-can’t-step-out-of-the-box-paradigm…”



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