Specific Feedback Requested

More on my fascination with what lies in the shadows both in terms of our inner world and outer world experience. Once again, I’d be most interested to hear the extent to which this image has emotional impact for you.


Nicely composed and balanced. Moody and mysterious. Who knows what lurks within those weges of shadow. The way it is lit really brings out the lovely texture of the wood. Wonderful image.

This image has a lot of emotional impact for me. There’s so much dynamic range. The deep blacks, the greys, whites and the subtle rusty reds in the corner really add power. Great job! I won’t change a thing.

I tend to suggest adding detail to shadows, perhaps overly often. Not here; I think the black is a critical aspect and becomes part of the composition and flow. Dark and moody is my impression. Nicely done Kerry.

Kerry, this is sensational. I love the comp, and the subtle colors. But the light/luminosity is what really gives this image its life. Well done.

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Absolutely wonderful image. Great composition. Great job with processing. Wouldn’t change a thing.

@Chris_Baird , @Donna_Callais, @David_Bostock , @John_Moses - thank you all for taking the time to sit with this for a minute or two. Much appreciated.
@John_Williams - I’m with you, John, around detail in the shadows. This image has enormous dynamic range so that the blackest blacks were mostly clipped. For that reason I did a blend but just slightly painting in the blackest blacks. What I’m looking for in an image like this are hints of something back in the shadows that can’t be fully seen. This is a case were you won’t notice the detail when its there but you do notice when it isn’t - the blacks are too black and feel dead, without any sense of seduction. So, I appreciate your noticing.

I consider this to be a powerful image. A couple of comments.

a) notice how important the browns are to this image. They really add a lot.

b) not how important to the composition is all that burly stuff is in the lower right quadrant. This image would be considerably less interesting without that.

Interesting choice for a title.

@Igor_Doncov - Thanks for your comments and support, Igor. It is interesting that you would mention the “burly stuff”. I wondered how or if readers would notice it. Not when I made the picture in the field but later when I was working on it in post, I saw something in that burly stuff (even now I don’t want to say what) and worried a bit because, you know how it is, once you see it, you can’t unsee it and sometimes that can be more of a distraction than a contribution to the strength of an image. So, I’m glad you experienced it as a plus. As for the title, working on the image in post, it began to feel to me that what I was seeing in this image and, indeed, what drew me to make the picture, was a gateway to the underworld.