Gator Snack?

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I got this shot a while back down in southern Florida. To me it’s a “story picture”. Although I did not see it happen, I wondered if this Night Heron became a snack for the gator that was giving it the “stink-eye” nearby. D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, hand held, 1/2500th, f 5.6, 330mm, ISO 11400, AI Clear, cropped to 2727 x 3240

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Egad! I somehow managed to get this nice Mockingbird pic on my post by mistake and I’m too stupid to make it go away. Can some kind soul help me and delete the Mockingbird shot from this post? Apologies. Dave

I thought the photo looked familiar and wondered how the gator was going to get up the tree. Have no idea how you snagged this photo or how to eliminate it.

Your shot does tell an interesting story : the eye from the gator on the heron with the heron’s attention diverted suggests bad things might happen. Well captured.

It happens Dave, I fixed it for you!

Sorry I missed the mockingbird, Dave. I like this image. The juxtaposition of the heron and alligator really work well.