GIMP. org GNU software

Has anyone worked with GNU image software? I am teaching a beginner course at my local library and someone asked me about it. I only use PS and LR and some of the DXO and Topaz plugins. Is GNU easy to use are do you need to be a programing genius to use it?

I have used Gimp ocassionally and it is fairly easy to use. It is similar to Photoshop, but menus are different. It takes practice to figure out how to do things in Gimp… One nice thing about Gimp is that you can load a number of file formats that Photoshop cannot open…Jim

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Thanks Jim for your input. My husband has used it but he is a software geek (and not a photographer). He said it was easy to use.

I used GIMP for years. A fine program that can be somewhat quirky, but stable and constantly updated. Furthermore GIMP enjoys a wide body of tutorials on u tube. GO GIMP …

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Thanks for responding Larry, Also, welcome to NPN!