Glacial Heritage Natural Area

Not a huge open space. About 700 acres of it is prairie under restoration for the last 25 years. I’ve been involved for the last 20 or so and it’s come a long way from being a sea of head high Scot’s Broom. This was taken on May 1st of 2014 not long after sunrise and near the peak of the Camas bloom.

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Lovely sweep of flowers in the pale light, Dennis - beautifully composed.

Dennis, the density and sweep of the flowers are amazing. I’m also enjoying the gently rolling hills. The touch of ground fog at the tree line is a fine extra bonus.

Dennis, well this surely provides the strong feeling of vast open spaces. The sweeping view is wonderful to gaze at.
Congrats on the restoration project and a salute to you for your support towards that endeavor. This poor planet needs all the help it can get…:+1:


Don’t think there’s any restrictions on acreage for Open Space. :wink:

This certainly showcases and portrays some well preserved open space. The early morning light is crisp and lovely. I especially like the rolling, flower-covered knolls. Very nicely captured and presented.


First off congrats on your hard work in restoring this area, Dennis. This has a nice relaxing feel to it with the rolling hills populated with the lovely display of wildflowers. I did not notice it until opening the larger version, but the ground fog toward the URC is another wonderful element in the scene.

I appreciate the Prairie a lot more after seeing this Dennis. Beautiful flowers and nice open sense fitting the challenge well. Large image is a must see.