Glow on the peak

Last year i found this situation at Rocca Calascio (Abruzzo, Italy). I preferred a vertical orientation with the peak in the middle, framed by high clouds. I wanted to include the foreground with the highland and the trees to create leading lines and depth in the image.

ISO 400

Post processing:

  • Removal of some trees in the foreground
  • Increase the contrast of the foreground ad the sky with curves
  • D&B on the peak to increase brightness and glow
  • Vignette

I really appreciate any feedback regarding composition and post processing.

Thank you guys

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Hey @masdamb,
First, welcome to NPN hope you enjoy this community as much as I do. :slight_smile:
So on the image, I think you did a great job on the postprocessing , the light on the peak is amazing. The small trees are a point of interest that adds to the image but doesn’t steal the attention.
I like the composition, vertical works just fine on this case, I would say that maybe just (IMO) it would be a bit more “peak focused” with a square crop from the top, im a sucker for square crops and that lower third of the image may have a bit to much of information no adding a lot to the scene, the first top trees would appear on a square crop and add enough, again, on my opinion.
Still it’s a great image, and must have been a great experience, thanks for sharing,

Thanks for posting this image Massimo, and welcome to the forum. What a great first photo! Regarding a square crop, I tried it and thinks it works (it’s totally in the “subjective” category). I also slightly lightened the bottom of the crop. I can’t wait to see more of your photos.

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Hey @masdamb

Welcome the the NPN!

It’s a really stunning capture and the editing is beautiful

A couple things I’d suggest is removal of the tree in the bottom left of the frame & the three directly to the right of it. Sounds odd but I think it’ll help you achieve those leading lines you were going for a little more.

The other thing I’d suggest is darkening/cooling the foreground a little bit just to help direct the eye through the foreground/cooler area up to those beautiful warm peaks of the mountain

Hopefully this was of some help!



@João_Ferrão thank you for the suggestions. Really appreciated.

Welcome to NPN and excellent first post! I love the color and light on the peak. Of all the versions posted, I like @dalegphoto 's take. The change is very subtle, but I find it effective. Beautiful image however it is presented.

I look forward to seeing more of your work and reading your insights and thoughts on the work of others! Welcome again.

@Tony_Siciliano @dalegphoto thank you guys. I will try to follow suggests.

@Harley_Goldman thank you for the comment. I like this network and how we interact.

Massimo, welcome to NPN, this is a wonderful first post, and I look forward to seeing more of your work here in the future. Your processing of the light in the sky and sunlit mountains looks gorgeous. In terms of composition, I think it can work either way, as presented or more of a square crop as in @Tony_Siciliano rework. In a square crop, I think the image become more of a portrait of the mountain in beautiful light. In your original post, and especially in @dalegphoto rework, the image is about a beacon of light shining in a dark landscape. I think both ways can be effective.

My only suggestion regarding the original (and Dales rework), is that to me it feels like the vignetting in the lower corners is a bit too strong, but especially in the LRC (lower right corner). I think it has to be dark, but I would increase the exposure slightly in the LRC.

Hi @Ed_McGuirk, thank you for the suggest.