Going It Alone

Sony A77
Sony 70-400G @ 400mm, CPL
ISO 100, 1/640 @ f8
Probably my favorite small in the frame image from the past several years both for the subject (Great Sand Dunes NP) and the conditions. I was going to a medical conference in Denver in November 2014 and decided to take a side trip to GSDNP for a few days. It was really cold and I practically had the park to myself, especially at sunrise. This lone hiker was my only companion so I tracked his progress with my long lens. I felt this was the most compelling comp. BTW, when I posted this in the Landscape gallery a number of folks thought the BG was sky but it’s actually another giant dune. All comments welcome.>=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill, not only an excellent example for the WC theme, but a purely excellent photograph all the way around. Wonderful image…:+1:

Bill, I will second what Paul said. Looks great!!


Second and third the comments! Outstanding image regardless of any theme or challenge. I recall the great illusion of the big, bg dune and duping for the sky, but we know better now. Love the light, tones and hues.


Bill, I remember this image! It’s terrific, with that lone hiker “lost” in a vast field of sand. There’s a very sensual feeling to the sharp dunes and the “sky” of an oof and distant dune adds to a feeling of otherworldliness.

Amazing image! Very pleasing composition, color, texture, and lines.

This is wonderful in its simplicity and story. Even though he/she is not pushing a rock uphill, it has the epic Sisyphus feel to it. I love the color cast, as well, though I thought it was sky until I read your full description. Superbly done!

Excellent! The thing that I really love about this image IS the fact that the background dune resembles a sky. It’s a if the dunes are so vast, they took over the sky as well.