Goldcrests Tongue

The European Goldcrest is the smallest bird we have around here in Europe (we do not have any hummers): it measures some 8,5 cm (3.3") in length and is a real feather-weight (5 grams, 0.17 ounce). But it is also really restless birds, busy most of the time feeding between the bushes. Normally, since it’s so small, I would have it smaller in the frame. However, since this was the first time I saw its tongue, I cropped quite a bit (pixel width some 50% of the original width) to make sure it would get the attention it deserves. For other shots of this bird, you may check my blog: . Thanks for any comments, Cheers, Hans

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Despite the crop, are the techs still okay on your screen?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/1250s | f5 | ISO560 | underexposed 2/3EV | handheld

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Excellent image quality, Hans. The tongue is really cool and well worth the extra emphasis. I think this is the European equivalent of our Golden-crowned Kinglet and they certainly are an active little bird.

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I like the composition with the placement of the bird and the surrounding foliage. Good detail and the tongue is a nice bonus.

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A great catch on this bird Hans. Lots of detail and holds up well in the enlargement, even after cropping. Nice action pose and you know exactly what he’s going for. Well done!

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Excellent job on the depth of field. I am enjoying the pose with the open mouth and protruding tongue. The depth of field especially works well with the posterior part of the plant and the anterior part of the bird and focus. It really makes me look at the bird closely.

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I checked the field guide, and yes, ‘your’ kinglets seem very similar, same family.

Love the tongue out here, unique for such a small bird. Also great to get a good view of the head stripe, lovely image Hans.

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