Golden Ribbon

Another aerial image I took last fall that once again shows a unique perspective. From this particular height, it was interesting to see how the vegetation was capturing the fading afternoon light. The sliver of aspens really caught my eye!

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Very nice light, the trees seem to be sources of light themselves… Intriguing perspective indeed. I also like the diagonal composition.

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Love it.

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A very nice aerial landscape with great light and colors. I love the way the aspen stand out so brightly and I like the impressive amount of detail in the whole scene. If this was shot from an airplane you must have had a very clean window! The other possibility is that it is a drone shot. Can you share how it was taken?

Thanks Gary, for the observations. Yea, this was taken from a drone.

Very nice composition, Ken. Can’t get that with a step ladder. :slight_smile:

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Really nice image Ken. What I like most about this image are the wide variety of autumn hues that you manged to capture in this scene, the complexity of colors in this image is very appealing to me. The 3 or 4 green aspens at the bottom of the diagonal area nice touch. Great use of the drone here to achieve this view.

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Love this, Ken! The row of aspens stand out so subtly yet so defined amongst all of the scrub oaks. Well seen and executed.