This is another from my trip last week. This was morning in a very quiet and peaceful meadow.

D810, 70-200mm

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I love the mood and the high contrast. No nits from me

Harley, truly wonderful side light on this one. Kind of reminds me of an area along the south fork of Bishop Creek. Regardless, once again you’ve caught some neat light on the main subjects with just enough of the BG illuminated to make things out in that area too. Really nice work…:sunglasses:

Harley, the light sure sets these aspens aglow. Being able to just make out what’s behind them works very well.

I like the spotlighting on the trees and sage and think that the dark background further accentuates the mood and emphasizes the light on the trees. I do wonder about cropping a bit from the top. I hope you don’t mind that I downloaded it to show an example of what I have in mind. I think it helps emphasize the horizontal spacing of the trees and places more emphasis on them. Anyway, you might just see if you like that.

This isolated side light looks to be theme from this trip. That’s a good thing, and it’s certainly becoming your signature. I love it just as it is. The bits of light here and there look very natural. Well done.

Harley, this is extremely gorgeous. I think the drama from the sidelighting adds so much to the scene. The dark BG sets of the trees well and I like being able to see hints of barren aspens in the shadow. For that, I will keep the crop as is.