Good ASP.Net Provider

I’ve had an ASP.Net website with 3Essentials for over 12 years and I’d been pretty happy with them until the last month. I opened up a new plan and had them migrate the site over. What was supposed to take 4 days lasted over two weeks and they kept blaming me for the problems and told me to get a developer. I AM A DEVELOPER. I’m still furious with them but I’ll stop ranting now

So I’m looking for a new provider. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  • Dan

Hey, Dan! Nice to see you here!

I use to host my site on a Windows platform. It has, SQL, and MySQL. They have several different plans depending upon need.

Their developer support has always been excellent, and up-time has been very nearly perfect. Highly recommended.

Hi Preston, It’s good to see you too. How are you?
I took a look at and they look good. Do you have a contact form on your website? Did you code it yourself? That was the problem I had with my current one. I needed to update the code to provide authentication and everything I tried crashed. They blamed it on me and perhaps I would have believed them, but everything else they blamed on me turned out to be caused by them not giving me the information that I needed.

Hi Dan,

I can’t help you with your questions, but great to see you hanging around here! Long time no see, my friend.

Hi Dan! I am well. Still stomping along.

I have a contact form on my site. It’s pretty basic, but it works. I did not code it myself. I snagged the basic script years ago. It was from CTRFX: They had a form generator for the aspx script. I just looked for it on the Web, but I get a 404 error.

If you want the code for my form to play with, let me know and I’ll e-mail it you as a text file.

btw: The picture of me in my avator was taken by you one year when we were in Lee Vining Canyon.

Hi Harley, Greetings from CO.

Hi Preston. I’ve been stomping in the Rockies. After 70 degree days here it was 25 and snowy this morning.

I sent you a personal email too. I would love to see the aspx code.

They must be having serious problems at my current providers. When you call up a company, tell them you’ve been with them over 12 years and you’ve very angry, they ordinarily want to do anything to make things right. These people practically didn’t care.

I sent the code to you. I hope it’s what you need, and you can get this sorted out.

I’ve been with for years and they have always been on top of it and very helpful.

Dan! Yes, great to see you drop by.

I’m responding to offer perhaps a different direction. I know you’re a programmer sw guy by day and by heart. I’m not, but I really can relate having designed and built my own website by hand in 1995. Since then, I’ve changed, upgraded, learned, wrote, etc. etc. for 20+ years. ASP, MS Access database, html, css coding… you know all to well. Long story short, I hadn’t done any updates to my site for a number of years. I know Windows support for MS Access and shared server support… are waning to say the least. Then, just a few short weeks ago I learned my site was infested with malware.

I could have literally spent hundreds of bucks getting it cleaned up. I could have invested hundreds of hours converting to MySQL and updating my site. Forget the fact that my site isn’t close to being compatible in the “smart” era… Sorry, just not practical to continue my homegrown “I built it” ways.

In less than a week I now have a new website hosted on Smugmug. Huge learning curve on building using the interface, but gone are the days of coding, database, asp/css/html and hosting issues.

Just sayin’… you could save yourself a lot of headache taking advantage of current options such as Smugmug, Zenfolio, Squarespace, etc.

Good to hear from you. Been quietly following your work on FB - Boulder has served you well!


oh, check out my new site presence at
(still in progress and I have many more images to prep and load, but have a framework now.)

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Hi Lon,
Good to hear from you. Your new site looks great. I’ve only spent a couple of minutes on it, but I like a lot of the new images too. You shooting digital now?

I looked for your site because I knew it was ASP and saw it closed. I got worried–we are getting old—so I googled you and didn’t see any bad news.

Smug Mug does look good. I’m retired now and have no desire to keep coding–especially now I’m on a Mac.

What do you do for email?

  • Dan
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Thanks Dan!

Yeah, I sold just about all my 4x5 gear in 2015. Just got too dang expensive. I still miss it, but have embraced digital since nothing’s really changed the desire to be out in nature and creating photographs. Funny, I’m re-working my images for the new site, including some 4x5 that I shot nearly 30 years ago. And my raw files from my own scanning… are awful! Some aren’t worthy of working on. Fortunately there are some decent ones.

Whew! I check every once in a while to make sure I’m still alive and kickin’… :rofl:

Ya know, that is something I didn’t consider in my rush to put up a new site. Important thing I guess is that there’s a “Contact” form which I have directed to my gmail account. But you’re right, without a Hosting company, I don’t have a “” type email address. hmmmm

I also haven’t gotten into any of the SEO stuff - yet; meta tags and all that.

Also debating whether or not to bring my “Links” page back. So much of what I had on the original site was so 90’s…

If you are interested in any of the new platforms, there was some good feedback and examples in an earlier post “Zenfolio Experience

good luck in whatever direction you take.

You’ve done a nice job. I’ll probably go that way in the future. The registrar of my domains, Namecheap can give me an email account for about $20 a year.

I was looking at those storm photos in El Cap Meadow. It looks pretty intense. Were you shooting from a car? I’d be terrified to have my camera out in that weather.