Good bye 2020

Joining NPN has been the best thing that has happen to me in 2020, speaking photographically, of course. Thank you to the NPN members who have been so generous with your thoughts, suggestions and yes, patience as I have learned so much from your comments.

#1 - Singing in the rain . . chosen because, following Igor’s advise, I was so in the moment and connected to this little flower, it has become very special to me.

#2 - Sunrise for the new beginnings and brighter days ahead.

#3 - Foggy lake day – reflects a new direction I want to explore in a minimal abstract sort of way.

Wish all of you the very best this holiday season and in 2021. Be safe and take care.

Three distinctly different and all excellent images, Linda. Very well done.

Some fine image, Linda. Singing in the Rain stands out. You can feel the freshness.

Linda, I’m so glad you found NPN this year too! Your comments and photos have been a nice addition.
All three of these are nice, but “Singing in the Rain” really does stand out. Wishing you all the best too.

Linda, three excellent photos, each with it’s own special feeling. The number of drops and their sharpness make Singing in the rain stand out even more.

Thank you @Dennis_Plank, @Igor_Doncov, @Shirley_Freeman and @Mark_Seaver for your kind words and thoughts.

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Linda, three very nice images, with singing in the rain as the top one! Also new to the NPN (joined this autumn), I agree that the advice given is very helpful to become a better photographer.

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Thank you @Ola_Jovall, I appreciate your kind words and glad you like the images.

A nice little collection of favorites, Linda! “Singing in the Rain” stands out for me also. The red flower with the red & green background makes it a good Christmas card. I like the mood of the shot plus all the droplets. It’s like hundreds of little jewels, each with their own image inside of them!

Thanks Gary, i like you’re perception of the water droplets.

This is a nice nicely varied collection of images Linda, I’m glad that you found NPN and joined. I can see why Singing in the Rain is special to you, the repetition/contrast of sharp drops in the foreground, and soft OOF drops in the background is really nice.

But my first choice is actually image #3. I love images that are simple, while making you think at the same time. Image #3 makes great use of negative space and silhouettes, the hallmark of simple images. The seed heads make me think of molecules, or planetary systems, and that is where interpretation and thinking come into play. I would suggest cloning away the left most stalk to further enhance the simplicity factor.

I would encourage you to keep exploring down this path, I think your recent post “Lonely Day” is another good example.

Thank you @Ed_McGuirk for your kind comments.

Yes, while I do love “singing in the rain” . . . .I am also so drawn to “simple,” “curious” and “interpretative” images. . … .they seem to just be begging for quiet, thoughtful and pensive attention. . .at least for me. I’m glad you like them.