Gouldian Finch

Kakadu National Park, Jim Jim, Northern Territory, Australia

We found a few small flocks of these gorgeous creatures. They are threatened and the subject of intense recovery efforts.

2018:09:12 13:15:00
1/15 sec, f/8 with tripod
Mode: Av
Metering: Multi-segment
Exp comp: +1/3
ISO: 640
AF mode: AF-C
White balance: NATURAL AUTO
Flash: Optional,TTL

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Love the colors. There’s a radial aspect to the background that converges on the bird.

Not sure what you mean?

As I read my comment, I guess it sounds like a criticism, but just thought it was interesting that get a sense of lines of the foliage that seems to converge on the finch. To me it was like many leading lines to the subject.

Hi, Allen - I didn’t hear it as criticism, but I just didn’t know what you meant.
I guess it’s that the foliage behind the bird is kind of circular, with the bird in the middle.
Didn’t see that before!
Thanks -

I knew there was a good reason why we should have gone up there and you just posted it, Sandy. What a wild looking bird. Excellent job handling those outrageous colors. I also like your composition. Beautiful image.

I have never even heard of this bird, so it’s a real pleasure to view. The colors are extraordinary, and your flash work is spot on. In a perfect world, I’d prefer a background that is a little more out of focus, I’d take this shot of this rare bird in a minute! Congratulations!