Grass Inflorescence

I believe this is Timothy Grass, beautiful in it’s architecture when seen close up.

Specific Feedback Requested

It’s an unusual take, with the nearly solid black background, and the grass was juxtaposed against some purple flowers. It adheres to the rule of thirds with fervent zeal :slight_smile: but I found the gesture of the grass blades to add some fluidity. General thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

Technical Details

Fuji GFX 100, 100 - 200mm lens @ f14, 1/20th sec, using the larger extension tubes made for this camera. Lens set at 173mm.

Hi Kevin thanks for posting. Its an interesting image. Personally, I prefer that the grass blade does not in this case cross the background. I can understand why you might have thought it was an advantage. The background colour is complementary . The balance of the black background on the left is not quite the same and I would have done some test shots to try correct that as best you can. The central stem on the background plant is running slightly to the right and I would also have tried to correct. Macro compositions are in my opinion are lot more demanding when trying to achieve balanced outcome.

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Good points! I didn’t notice the difference in blacks - that’s a big deal & could really improve the balance. Thanks!

Not a problem. Thanks for coming back!