Great Sand Dunes National Park - b&w

I thought some of the images that I captured a few days ago at the sand dunes would lend themselves well to b&w processing.

I am already looking forward to returning to this amazing place and investing more time scouting and shooting.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Image captured handheld. A Sony A7RIII with a Nikkor 80-400mm, Commlite adapter, ISO 200, F6.3, 180mm, 1/500th

If this is a composite please be honest with your techniques and share some details so others can learn:

Single image processed in LR CC

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

Nice layers and use of B w

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I definitely like the contrasting layers here James.

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Beautiful light and layers. B&W works perfectly here. Very nice image.

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I really like the softness and “halos” in the blowing sand - perfect for B&W!

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Black and White is perfect for this image. I like how it accentuates the sand blowing over the ridges of the dunes. Great work!

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James, great layering here as has been pointed out. What really makes this image for me is the sand blowing off the ridges. Excellent dunescape.

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Thank you Rick. What I enjoyed most was just being able to see this beautiful scene first hand.

Thanks Eva. Glad you like it. Thanks for commenting on this image.

Thank you Harley. I appreciate your kind words and also being part of a group that acknowledges and appreciates something that I had in mind when I made the image.

Thank you Alberto for taking the time to write a response.

Thanks Mike, Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to respond to this post. I appreciate being part of a community where I can learn from the comments and works of others.

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Lon, the blowing sand and the light hitting those ridges really was beautiful. I was wanting to communicate the light and dark contrast, layers and beauty of the blowing sand. Thank you for commenting.

The rim lighting on the blowing sand is wonderful, and I think the choice of B&W does a better job of emphasizing that than a color processing would have. I like the amount of foreground left here, its adds some scale to the scene. I see many wonderful abstract compositions lurking in crops of this scene, i hope you tried to do some of that as well.

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Thank you Ed. I appreciate your feedback. Always looking for other new comps.