Greater Yellowlegs

This was taken in an estuary near the Washington coast. The sun had just reached the bird and the background is still in shade. I like the light in this image.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is it too blue?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 400, 400+1.4 X, F6 .3,2000th, Sony A1

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You caught a nice pose and the light is nice and the yellowlegs shows up well against the darker background. I don’t think it is too blue, for my taste anyway. I think yellow and blue make for a nice combination of colors.

Well composed with that beautiful light. Sharp where it should be and a lovely pose

Minor - really minor - consider darkening the water and decreasing the contrast of the shore above

Not too blue for me! The energy of the bird in mid-step is fitting for the warmer light on it. Lovely detail!