Green heron banking

Seen this morning at the neighborhood lake.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R7, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 640, f6.3, 1/2000s, hand held


Allen, this looks good. I love the position you caught him in. The green in the BG helps compliment him. Very impressive thus far on the R7 too!

Beautiful image Allen! Good detail and lighting with a very nice background. Well done.

Wonderful!! These guys are fast – great catch and wonderful detail. You have exceptional skill to keep him in the frame.

Very nice flight image. Love the top side view with the small banking pose of the heron. Nicely captured.

Impressive light, color, wing position, and BG… A beautiful image.

This is really good Allen. The color of the water and the topside view looking down on the bird is compelling. I also love the lifted head and light on the head. The bird is far enough away from the water that it’s nice and soft. Can’t think of anything to help this image. Well done.

The bird seen from above, the light and the blurred BG together with great sharpness makes up a really great image. Well done!

Superb light and a great angle make this image special, David.