Greetings everyone, Brent here!

I’ve been a member here since October and finally got around to making an introduction. Nature photography has been a passionate and personal experience for me and I have only recently begun to share these experiences to small audiences. Though I have been deliberately taking photographs for only about the last 5 years, but I have been using photography to preserve my experiences in nature using a cheap point and shoot film camera as a young boy.

I have more hobbies and interests than I could shake a stick at, but being in nature and preserving those experiences using photography will always be the guiding force that gets me to the weekend. Professionally, I’ve worked in various conservation efforts for the federal government since 2015 using my geospatial and environmental geography education.

I enjoy how nature photography balances my technical work and how I can apply my technical knowledge to put me in beautiful places at ideal times and increase my odds of successful portfolio images. Equally, I enjoy wandering the backcountry without purpose or a destination even if it means not even a photograph. To develop a story of place, I often return to the same place several times. With my limited available time and range of my electric car, I most often shoot in wilderness areas of Central Colorado. But, I also really enjoy immersing myself in the surrounding deserts.

Embarrassingly, only recently have I discovered that successful nature photography can be, and should be accomplished in any of the 8760 hours in the year. So despite being a slow learner in nature photography, I have also realized that it’s about the photographic journey, not the destination. I’m not sure where this journey will take me, but I strive to tell the story of place and time. To accomplish this, I believe photography must not only capture grand scenes from a cruising altitude, and not only capture small scenes that cannot see the forest through the trees. A complete story of a place through time must be captured at all scales, day and night, through the seasons, and in wildly different weather conditions.

Like many others, Ansel Adams was one of my early influencers and I admired the work by nature photographers in National Geographic Magazines since I was a very young. Ironically, as I got older and more into photography, I looked at nature photography less in lieu of focusing more introspectively at my own hobby and learning from the great observers of the world for a more developed connection to the nature. As I have stated previously, nature photography was a means of preserving ‘my experience’ in nature. However, in the last couple of years, I have begun to feel the desire to view others’ work and share my own. I suppose I had an epiphany that experiences are best shared. Having said that, being in nature with my camera is still a very personal experience that I primarily share with my partner and my dog, or alone in the wilderness. But, I am here because I want to begin to connect with others here to share our experiences in nature and get to know this awesome community.

Looking forward to connecting with you all!


Hi Brent,
Welcome to NPN. That is a really nice introduction and a beautiful first image. I love this winter mood.
I looking forward to see more of your images!

Hi Brent and welcome to NPN. Glad you decided to introduce yourself because the Story of the Place resonates with me and it’s what I try to tell with my work, too. Feel free to post your own images as you have the time and inclination. You’re also welcome to chime in with thoughts and ideas on others’ photos as well. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to out there in the backcountry.

Welcome to NPN, Brent! Great that you now decided to become more active sharing your nice introduction and a great first posting. Like the winter feeling a lot, and hope for to finally get some snow here in the southern part of Sweden!

Welcome in Brent! You’ll find a good home here among us crazy nature photographers!

Hi Jen,

Thank you for welcoming me aboard and I look forward to seeing your perspective from across the pond!

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Hi Kristen,

I appreciate you welcoming me here and I am happy to hear that you too embrace the story of place. As a geographer, it seemed natural to me to use photography as a medium for the narrative of place. I’d love to hear about your motivation for telling the story of place through photography.

I certainly do intend to be active on here more than once every several months and as time permits, I am excited about digging into the conversations here and sharing some more recent images.

Hi Ola!

I’m very much looking forward to becoming more active on here. Winter is my favorite season here in Colorado, and especially for photography. Hoping for the rest of winter to treat Sweden well!

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Hi David,

Thank you for welcoming to this crazy group of crazy photographers, it sounds like I should fit right in!

Hi Brent, and welcome to NPN! You posted a really beautiful shot in your introduction and I forward to seeing more of your work and to your input on other images.

If you have any troubles or questions about the site don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the kind words and welcoming me to NPN.

Hi Brent and welcome to (posting on) NPN. That was a great intro! You have a very interesting job. Here’s hoping you’ll feel inclined periodically to share with us some of your work. It is difficult sometimes to share our photos, but I’ve found it rewarding to share here because everyone is very welcoming and the advice is well informed.

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for welcoming me to NPN. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s work and sharing my own. I guess the mean reason for not previously sharing my photography was out of not recognizing the value of shared experiences in nature. Probably part of this decision was made by my experience with social media. But, I have heard great things about this community and I am excited to get more involved here!

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Hi Brent - welcome to NPN! I just wanted to pull out one quote from your intro to say that’s what hit’s home with me. Of course the obvious is that we are all different and have different experiences and goals - but also as you say it’s about the “journey”

So we hope you can find a place here with us in your journey! Welcome!


Hi Lon,

Thank you for the warm welcome and I am happy that my attempts of the story of place resonates with you. I think about place and spatial relationships often while out hiking. What makes you want to communicate place with your photography?