Grey Heron snatching fish from Oriental Darter

In a high speed action, this Grey Heron snatched fish from Oriental Darter. I didn’t see the Grey Heron coming, but pressed the shutter observing the Darter alone. It was so fast that even at 12 FPS, I got just one frame.

Specific Feedback Requested

Do you think this frame works? (since Heron got cut in the process)

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R 5; 500 mm; ISO 100; 1/2000 sec. at F 4.5


Wow, what a catch Jagdeep. It’s very impressive, a bit of luck involved maybe, but it looks like everything was set up just waiting for it to happen.
PS I find that a little luck often helps!

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Amazing capture! The cropped right side works, at least for me, because it does emphasizes the action.

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The comp works well and you were able to get the best shot with the series of photos. The action in the LH side of the frame is perfect. Awesome photo…Jim

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Wow, what a shot. Poor fish didn’t stand a chance. Very emotive image.

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Luck favors the prepared! Fantastic capture! I actually think the Heron being partly cut off adds to the excitement.

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I totally agree with @Diane_Miller . Only having part of the Heron in the frame stresses the action more than the need to see the whole bird and it’s cropped perfectly while retaining the tail feathers. Any more would show the legs sticking out of the frame and any less would have cropped the rear portion of the body and the tail feathers off. Well done.

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Hi J Rajput
Always take the win, I work with a director for years and would keep repeating “if they’re looking at that imperfection in the frame we mist the boat”. My eye snapped right to the junction of the Heron, fish and Darter. The Gray Heron being cropped only drama-ties the size different between these two birds.